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As a farmer, you work from dawn to dusk. You plan.  You  budget. You worry. You sweat. You hope. You pray. And yet, one stroke of a pen in Washington, DC can do as much to make or break your profitability as the thousands of hours you devote to your crop each season.

If you believe...

the future of the soybean and corn industry is critically important to the success of US farmers...

Congress has a lot to say about whether or not you make money...

grain farmers need to have strong representation on Capitol Hill...


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News from NCGA

NCGA Director Appointed to Americas Watershed Initiative Board Leadership (Thu, 20 Jan 2022)
The America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI), recently named their 2022 Board of Directors Executive Team. Rachel Orf, National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Director of Stewardship & Sustainability, was elected as Secretary. “It is an honor to serve on the board and be a part of an organization that works across so many sectors and states,” said Orf. “The health of the Mississippi River Watershed is critical to ensuring the river remains productive and healthy for future generations.” Other AWI board members are: Chair Larry Weber, University of Iowa Vice Chair Rainy Inman Shorey, Caterpillar Inc. Vice Chair Kirsten Wallace, Upper Mississippi River Basin Association Treasurer Michael Reuter, The Nature Conservancy The announcement of the board stated, “America’s Watershed Initiative is made up of public, private and nonprofit leaders working together voluntarily to improve the health of the Mississippi River Watershed by informing, advocating and leveraging improved decision-making about the watershed’s natural resources. AWI is built upon support and guidance from industry and commerce, conservation, local communities, government and academia.” You can learn more about AWI and NCGA’s involvement at

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Historic Investment to Repair Nations River Infrastructure (Wed, 19 Jan 2022)
Appropriations from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which passed in 2021 with bipartisan support, will soon be funding upgrades to infrastructure projects important to corn growers. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today it would allocate $2.2 billion from the infrastructure legislation to repair and update the following locks along the Upper Mississippi River System: Kentucky Lock along the Tennessee River, near Grand Rivers, Kentucky. Montgomery Lock on the Ohio River, 30 miles south of Pittsburgh. Lock and Dam 25 on the Upper Mississippi River, north of St. Louis. Three Rivers Lock along the Ohio River, southwest of Pittsburgh. T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam along the Illinois River. “Corn growers depend on America’s rivers to import supplies, like fertilizers, which play an important part in planting and harvesting our crops,” said Iowa farmer and NCGA President Chris Edgington. “These rivers are also important in shipping our products to key markets in the U.S. and abroad. When barges are delayed because of problems with aging locks and dams, farmers are economically affected.” Lock and Dam 25 is crucially important Edgington noted, as 60% of America’s corn and soybean exports are transported on the Mississippi River. An aging system – many of the locks were constructed between 1907 and 1936 – has led to delays and closures along the river. Farmers often feel the economic impact of these problems, and the funding will help ensure the river system’s long-term viability. “We are thankful for the efforts of our state corn growers who worked closely with their members of Congress to make this happen,” he said. “NCGA is also appreciative of our congressional allies who made sure this funding was included in the infrastructure plan.”

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News from ASA

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