Alabama Soybean & Corn Association

2024 Alabama Corn Yield Contest

2024 Contest Timeline:

  • Contest opens: Wednesday, May 1, 2024
  • Early entry deadline: Sunday, June 30, 2024
  • Final entry deadline: Wednesday, August 14, 2024
  • Harvest entry opens: Thursday, August 15, 2024
  • Harvest entry deadline: Saturday, November 30, 2024
  • Winner announcements: Wednesday, December 11, 2024


Important contest reminders:

2024 Alabama Soybean Yield Contest

Eddie McGriff, Regional Extension Agent

The purpose of the 2024 Alabama Soybean Yield Contest, sponsored by the Alabama Soybean Producers, is to recognize the importance of soybeans in the state and honor the top growers. The contest will also help determine the common production practices that increase yield and profitability among the top producers.

There will be four yield categories:

  1. Early Planted (before May 25) Irrigated
  2. Early Planted (before May 25) Non-irrigated
  3. Late Planted (May 25 and after) Irrigated 
  4. Late Planted (May 25 and after) Non-irrigated.

A single producer will only be awarded his/her highest placing in one yield category. Plaques will be presented to first, second, and third place winners in each category at the annual state Corn and Soybean Association meeting’s luncheon in January 2024.


Categories (4):

Early Planted (before May 25)                  Irrigated______                         Dry Land________

Late Planted (May 25 and after)              Irrigated______                         Dry Land________

First, Second and Third Place will be awarded statewide in each of the four categories at Annual Alabama Soybean & Corn Association meeting in January 2024.



Each contestant must be at least 16 years of age and must also be actively engaged in soybean production.


Contest field must be located within the land boundaries of the State of Alabama.


Contest is limited to one producer or entity per categories. It is possible for the same producer to have an entry in each category; however, a single producer will only be awarded his highest placing in one the four yield categories.


Contest field must be owned or operated by contestant.


Entry field must be at least 5 continuous acres with 2.5 acres continuous acres being measured for yield.

Harvest must take place and entry send in on or before December 1, 2024 (post marked).



Weigh as soon as possible after harvesting. All soybeans must be weighed on a state inspected scale by overseeing supervisor. Grain carts cannot be used. Original weight ticket (no copies) must be attached.


Moisture Testing:

An experienced person must make a moisture determination of a representative sample of the soybeans. Moisture percent must be listed on weigh ticket or attached as a moisture ticket.


Yield Contest Supervisors:

Growers should contact their Alabama Regional Extension Agent for Agronomic Crops or Alabama Extension Crop Specialists as soybean yield contest supervisor. If they are not available, they can certify a supervisor. Supervisors can include Alabama County Extension Agents and Extension specialists; Vocational Agriculture Instructors; FFA Advisors; NRCS employees; FSA (Farm Service Agency CED or officers); or anyone who is retired from one of these positions and does not have a financial or business tie to the grower. Supervisors cannot be anyone that has a financial or business tie to a company that sells agribusiness supplies or services (seed or chemical reps; farm equipment salespersons; consultants or scouts; ag lending officers, etc.); an employee or relative of the contest entrant; or the contest entrant.


2023 Corn and Soybean Yield Contest Winners


2023 Alabama Corn Yield Contest Winners


Conventional Non-Irrigated

1 Eric S Reed | DEKALB | DKC65-99 | 321.9542

2 Jackson Henderson | AgriGold A6659RR | 297.8415

3 Kenneth Anders | Pioneer P1464VYHR | 260.6327


No-Till Non-Irrigated

1 Madison Kai Reed | DEKALB DKC67-44 | 301.0395

2 John Bevel | DEKALB DKC62-70 | 285.4246

3 Jamie Roberts | Pioneer P1847VYHR | 282.4637


Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated

1 Doug Lipscomb | Dyna-Gro D57VC51 | 287.8230

2 Mike Henderson | AgriGold A645-16VT2PRO | 275.9673

* Doug Lipscomb | Dyna-Gro D58VC65 | 235.9875

* Kenneth Anders | Pioneer P2089VYHR | 235.2529


No-Till Irrigated

1 Spencer Sanderson | AgriGold A645-16VT2PRO | 297.0193

2 Matt McMichen | DEKALB DKC67-44 | 283.4285

3 J Howard Hobbs Jr. | DEKALB DKC63-87 | 273.8004


Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated

1 Stuart Sanderson | AgriGold A645-15VT2PRO | 309.7263

2 Myron Johnson | AgriGold A6659VT2PRO      257.2630

* Myron Johnson | DEKALB DKC65-20 | 246.3608


Conventional Irrigated

1 Chad Henderson | AgriGold A643-52VT2 | 310.7469


2023 Alabama Soybean Yield Contest


Early Season (planted on or before May 25) Non-Irrigated

Jamie Roberts | Pioneer 42A96 | 101.39 Bushels per Acre

Howard Hobbs Jr./Curtis Hobbs | Asgrow 47X2 | 100.71 Bushels per Acre

Will Mann | Pioneer 48A14 Enlist | 85.21 Bushels per Acre


Early Season Irrigated

Chad Henderson | Pioneer 47A64 | 86.87 Bushels per Acre


Late Season (planted after May 25) Non-Irrigated

John Bevel | Becks 4991X2 | 94.28 Bushels per Acre

Dorman Grace | Asgrow 48X9 | 80.06 Bushels per Acre

David Kellett | Pioneer 46A35 | 79.28 Bushels per Acre


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